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The average winter puffer is nothing to write home about. As most are designed for function rather than style, they tend towards being nondescript. But leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to find the wildest of the season. The Sex and the City star steers clear of dull clothing, even when temperatures drop, and this afternoon when she headed out to her eponymous store in New York City’s Seaport District, she chose statement-making outerwear.

Official Mom Off Duty Go Make Your Own Food Shirt

Ultimately, this is a break from the “dressing for the ’gram” style that the Kardashians are known for. (Even though she did post the picture!) Aside from the label, it doesn’t have that catchy viral appeal of something like a Marine Serre monogram or a tiny Jacquemus bag. But that’s what these elevated and subdued brands with astronomical price points like The Row are known for. I’m curious to see where Jenner will go after dipping her toe into the world of The Row. Maybe some old Celine? Some Loro Piana? The world is her oyster, and there’s plenty of cable-knit cashmere in it too.

Official Mom Off Duty Go Make Your Own Food Shirt Hoodie

I doubt that Jenner’s 142 million Instagram fans will be clamoring to snap up a pair of those understated black pants by The Row priced at $720. (Though, you never know.) It also appears that she’s now being styled by Dani Michelle, who works with Kourtney Kardashian on her refined, vintage-filled look. That’s another clue that we’re about to see a new style for Jenner.

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